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Hardwood Refinishing



We would suggest the removal of all rugs, furniture, and drapes from the areas prior to the Refinishing of the floor. When finishes are applied, it is important to have as little air flow in the areas as possible. Airborne particles will find their way into any newly applied finish. When doing any remodeling projects, floor finishing should also be scheduled at the very end to insure no unnecessary damage.




Restoring Hardwood Floors



Many older hardwood floors offers higher quality hardwoods. These types of floors show a much tighter grain pattern due to their age and the number of growth rings. Many are discovering beautiful hardwood floors in older homes since the floors can be refurbished to their original appearance if done correctly.




Screen  Buff Hardwood Floors



This procedure refreshes the final appearance. Frequent applications can eliminate the need for a complete refinishing at a later date. Screening prepares already finished floors to accept another coat of finish. Without the screening process, any new finishes are very likely to peel off. For those with minor, worn or dull looking floors this procedure may be best suited.




Hardwood Floor Finishes



There are different types of Floor finishes. There are oil based and water based.




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