Sanding and finishing of hardwood floors is an important part of our installation process, it is important for you to understand that your hard wood floor will be finished to its highest specification, as our assurance to the longevity of your floor and this of course, will result to minimum maintenance. The better the specification for finishing and sanding of your new or refurbished hardwood floor, the longer it will last and the better it will look!

We only use the latest sanding machines and utilizes only the best quality finishes such as spirit based waxes, water borne lacquers, and hard wax oil that makes exquisite and individual looking floors.

Golden Crown Floors have fully qualified hardwood flooring experts that can help you realize the floor of your dreams.

For more information on our services please feel free to give us a call at 415.566.4638.


Homeowners today often wants the beauty of natural finishes as well as durability and the savings in low maintenance. Laminate floor is an ideal flooring solution, it offers them all at a much lower cost.

The Laminate planks produced these days are as detailed and beautiful as real wood anyway, yet much simpler to install and maintain for active families. Current laminate innovations go beyond the surface and incredibly convincing wood finishes and even plank configurations are now replicating real wood's nuances!

If you want Laminate floors installed in your home, we have very experienced staff that have been installing and maintaining these types of floors for years!


Tile, Carpets and other types of floor coverings not only serve an important function in homes, but their decorative qualities also contribute to the appeal of your home.

Before we install carpets or tiles, we first inspect the surface to be covered to determine its condition and, if necessary, correct any imperfections that could show through the tile or carpet and cause these to wear unevenly. We normally measure the area to be carpeted or tiled and plan the layout for best appearance and maximum durability.

We will professionally install your tile or carpets the best way possible!


Sanding, Finishing, Staining



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